From the innovation of information technology, there has been a consistent transformation across the fields. Mobile payments are slowly replacing liquid cash and credit cards. Online stores are now the profit hubs for modern businesses. Also, selling on one channel is no longer profitable. Merchants are focusing on multichannel retailing. Each year a new trend rises as innovations take shape.

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Embracing the trends or ignoring them can either work for or against your business. Thus, it is essential to be on par with new trends arising from your niche to avoid being caught off-guard. Remember, the businesses that failed to embrace e-commerce on its early days are now in the history book of failed ventures. For you to avoid the same, here are two multichannel retailing trends that will transform e-commerce niche in 2018 and beyond:

Social proofing as customer purchase decision factor

Informed purchase decision has been the trending approach for customers. The customers searched online for information about your product that would enable them to decide whether to buy your product or not. While the aspect is still a factor to date, it is not the sole purchase decision approach. Even with the best and most detailed information product description, customers will not believe you until they view the opinions of their peers about your products or services.

Social proof is a new trend in the multichannel retailing arena. Hence, regardless of the number of the channel you are using to sell your brands, you must ensure you have a unified customer review platform to display what other people are saying about them.


The desire for reliable customer support is going beyond what organizations can offer. Mainly, when running a multichannel retailing business, it is factual that you will receive a large number of customers inquiries that your staffs may not handle. However, if you do not manage them, your next step will be staying out of business.

So, what should be your next course of action? Use of chatbots to handle the customer support provision challenges. In fact, chatbots are becoming a trend in e-commerce. The chatbots have the capability of handling several customers at ago and dealing with common shopping issues. As such, to remain competitive, you must embrace chatbots on channels that allow customer interaction.


In summing up, multichannel retailing ventures success in 2018 and beyond will be anchored on the two trends – enhancing your social proof and using chatbots in offering customer support across the selling channels. Hence, if you desire success, you do not have an alternative than embracing the two trends.

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